Living Room Lighting Tips

Your living room is where you probably do most of your ‘living’ whether it’s watching TV, relaxing on the couch, reading a book, entertaining guests and more. As such, your lighting needs to match all the different activities that take place here and should give you the freedom to create a different ambience at different times of the day.

  • Use a combination of pendants, lamps, downlights and track spots to create beautiful layers of light in this space. Pendants make beautiful design statements and provide a focal point; downlights are excellent ambient lighting options; track spots help to highlight different areas like a favourite artwork or architectural features while lamps are perfect as decorative elements and for tasks like reading and writing.
  • When using downlights, it’s a good idea to have these wired in groups. This will allow you to turn on all the lights when you're just ‘living’ in this space, and turn off ‘sets’ of lights when you’re doing specific things. For instance, when watching TV, you can turn off the lights over the TV cabinet area to reduce glare, but keep the lights on behind the couch so that you still have some ambient light.
  • Lamps featuring built-in USB charging ports or wireless charging bases are extremely handy to have in this space. So, you can charge your phone easily without getting off the couch.
  • Use colour changing smart/LED globes like LIFX, Phillips Hue and Lucci Connect to customise your lighting and support your health. You can schedule the globes to increase in warmth and decrease in brightness two hours before you go to bed. This helps promote the release of the natural hormone melatonin which signals to your body that it’s time to sleep, making you feel tired. Setting a routine so that you sleep and wake up at the same time every day has numerous health benefits and improves your mood.
  • Create a truly immersive experience with smart lights. When watching a movie, your lights would match the content and change colours accordingly. For instance, if you watch an underwater scene, the lights would recognise this and change to a dark blue colour.
  • Depending on your space, at times you might have to decide between installing a pendant and installing a ceiling fan. But you can have both – simply get ceiling fans with built-in lights. Conveniently packaged into one product, ceiling fans with integrated lights give you the flexibility to style your space your way. Make a design statement with our Fanaway range of fans which retract their blades and transform into stunning stand-alone pendants.

The right lighting can make a difference to how you ‘live’ in your living room. If you need advice on planning your space, you know you can always depend on us. Just ask our team of experts and we’ll help you transform not just your living room but also your entire home into a designer dream.