Dining Lighting Ideas

Your dining room is traditionally a space where everyone gathers for a meal, to chat or to entertain. In modern times, you may be using your dining table for working, studying and creating handicrafts too. Getting the lighting right in a multifunctional space such as this one is all about balance and flexibility.

  • Having control over your lighting is key to creating the perfect ambience to suit the occasion. For romantic dinners, you need soft, warm lighting. For a big sit-down meal with friends, some colourful lighting might be fun. And of course, if you’re working, you need cool white light to keep you energised and alert. Using LED globes that offer a dimming function and a variety of colour temperatures and hues is a great way to customise your lighting as you need it.
  • If you want ultimate control and convenience with voice commands or more features, consider upgrading to smart globes. Smart globes let you schedule your lights to match your routine, set scenes, choose from millions of colours and control your lights even when you are away from home.
  • When you style your dining room, all your elements don’t have to match exactly. Instead, take inspiration from the surrounding space and materials and try to tie in the elements with your lighting. For instance, if you have a solid timber, long dining table with upholstered chairs, and your chairs have black metal legs, you can use that detail and select a statement pendant that is linear and black.
  • Choosing the right pendant for your dining space can seem like a daunting task as it’s a prominent feature in most open plan homes. But with a few tips, you’ll be a pro in no time. For square or round tables, your lighting design should be contained within the dimensions of the table. A single central statement piece or an asymmetric cluster of pendants in varying sizes would be ideal. For rectangular or oblong tables, install a pair of fixtures in parallel or choose a single linear design running the length of the table.
  • Make sure your statement piece is proportionate to the size of your table and room. As a good rule of thumb, if your room is less than three metres wide, a chandelier or pendant less than 60 cm wide will look more comfortable and appealing. If your room and table are larger, choose a larger light to match.
  • Hang your pendant high enough so that you or your guests don’t bump your heads on it and it doesn’t obstruct your view, but not so high that sufficient light doesn’t reach the table. The standard measure is approximately 76 cm above the dining table.

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