Bedroom Lighting Tips

You do more than just sleep in your bedroom, though sleeping is the most important activity. At the end of a long day, your bedroom is a refuge you can retreat into and relax. It’s a place where you do your grooming, get in some light reading before bed, have cosy chats and also plan your attire for the next day. Layering your lights with a combination of pendants, downlights and lamps helps to achieve the right illumination for all purposes. Here are some more ideas to get your bedroom lighting right:

  • Make sure that your lighting isn’t positioned directly over a person’s face when they’re lying down on their pillow.
  • Consider bedside lamps with built-in USB or induction chargers which are practical and convenient choices for a modern lifestyle.
  • Low glare, pinhole downlights are ideal for bedsides. They help light a small space (such as a bedside table surface) while minimising overall room illumination and partner disturbance.
  • Bedside lamps are perfect for reading and conversations as well as for those middle-of-the-night wakeups. Placing a pair of the same lamps on either side of the bed creates a pleasing, symmetrical look.
  • Wall lights are a great alternative to bedside lamps. They are unobtrusive and some offer features like USB charging ports, built-in switches and adjustable heads and arms to direct light while reading. They also leave you with more space on your bedside table for other things like your book, glasses, phone and more.
  • Having a statement pendant over your bed adds elegance and style to your bedroom. But make sure they are the right size for the height and scale of your room. Pendants on either side of the bed also work well in place of bedside lamps, however, avoid glass pendants which can be easily broken if they are too low while doing tasks like making the bed.
  • With your bedroom being a place to unwind, make sure you use warm, non-glary, soft glow lights which help you relax. Lights with dimming and colour changing functions can help you achieve this.
  • Consider using smart globes to support your sleep/wake cycle. You can schedule your lights to dim down one or two hours before bed to help you fall asleep at the same time every night and wake you up with brighter light at the same time every morning. They’re also very convenient to control via an app or your voice.
  • In your wardrobes, use strip lights with motion sensors that turn on when you open the door and turn off when you close the door. This helps you easily locate what you’re looking for while using less energy.

It’s a good idea to install a ceiling fan to help with air circulation and keep you comfortable in the bedroom. If you use a ceiling fan with a built-in light, you get the additional benefit of ambient illumination without needing to buy a separate lighting fixture.
Be inspired by these lighting ideas and give your bedroom a fresh new look. Explore our extensive range of bedroom lights on our website or in-store.